Anyone is welcome to have a funeral service conducted in Holy Trinity Parish Church. They are equally welcome to request the services of the parish priest when a funeral takes place at either crematorium – Bradwell or Carmountside. (Make sure that the undertaker is given the right instructions.)

Regular members of the congregation maintain the tradition of being “brought into church” the evening before the funeral. This tradition is available to all. The parish priest reserves the right to control what actually happens at the funeral. Readings, hymns, recorded music, poems, speakers etc. are at his discretion. Coffins are normally lowered at Carmountside.

In practise, we are very flexible and to provide the last ministrations to a fellow human is always a privilege. However…the growing practice of having a so-called “thanksgiving service” following cremation (a funeral without a body) is to be deplored. We are in the business of disposing of a body and praying for the living and the dead. Hell is as much a reality as heaven and the assumption that salvation is universal is presumptuous.

The practice at Holy Trinity is to pray for the deceased and mourners daily from the making of arrangements until the Sunday following the funeral. Don’t forget that the parish priest is very happy to come to the house/hospital and pray with the dying and their family/friends/lovers.

A funeral in church costs about £200.