The Bishop of Ebbsfleet normally conducts our confirmations. Candidates are expected to attend worship regularly prior to confirmation – at least a year.

Originally, baptism and confirmation (being sealed with the Holy Spirit through laying-on-of-hands and anointing with Chrism – holy oil) formed part of the same ceremony, which itself concluded with receiving Holy Communion. In later centuries, as it became the norm to baptise infants, confirmation was deferred until a later date. In the Orthodox Church, infants are given all three sacraments. Roman Catholics change the order and allow First Holy Communion some years prior to receiving confirmation.

The Church of England usually allows confirmation from the age of ten. Holy Communion is received from that moment. Anyone wishing to be considered for confirmation should attend church and discuss the matter with the priest. Classes take place over a period of about fifteen weeks. There is no charge for confirmation – and, usually, lots of presents from members of the congregation.