Baptism is primarily about adoption and grace. We are not God’s children until we have been baptised. We are not Christian until we have been baptised. (Even S. Paul was baptised after his encounter with the Lord on the road to Damascus.)

Jesus is God’s Son by right. We become his brothers and sisters, children of His heavenly Father, by grace. To be baptised (at whatever age) is to be born again. It is not possible to be baptised twice. People who attempt adult baptism after their infant baptism are making a personal statement of faith in God but are not being “done” again.

Baptise Christen is Anglo-Saxon for being “made Christ’s”. Baptism is what God does (adopting through the power of the Holy Spirit) not what we do. The efficacy does not depend on our response.

Any person living within the parish of Holy Trinity Sneyd are welcome to have their children baptised at the font. Baptisms usually take place during the main mass but can be arranged for other times as necessary, depending on the situation of the families concerned – or the needs of the church community. (So-called “private baptisms” are concluded by a public ceremony during the parish mass on the following Sunday. This includes the giving of the candle and baptism certificate.)

Baptism has been performed by total immersion. The font is big enough to hold a young baby. We expect all parents (and godparents, if possible) to attend mass and a preparation class prior to the sacrament. (Sacrament – God’s grace communicated through something physical eg. water at baptism, bread and wine at mass.)

If the parent(s) live outside the parish boundary (and are not on the electoral role) then we encourage them to seek baptism at their parish church unless there is good reason why they wish to come to HTS. Adults and older children will not be baptised if they are not regular worshippers. A note about godparents. They must be baptised. They should be confirmed. It is not our policy to baptise adults in order for them to become godparents!

There is no charge for baptism. (The hall can be hired for any post-baptism function.)